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The advantage of our Cooking Classes unlike traditional cooking classes is that our classes can be done Virtual or at the Comfort of your Home. Virtual classes are live, not through a recording. This is good for disabled, elderly, busy parents and those who can’t go to a Cook School for any reason could it be the time, distance, cost etc. Isn’t this amazing taking a day off cooking & have a Specialist Health Chef cooking in your home? Maximum of 8 people for HOME VISIT at no extra cost, making it more cost effective compared to traditional Cooking Schools. Split the fee among the 8 of you and it works out to £60 pp. We will do any class of your choice during a Home Visit and this will be arranged over the phone.

Be the best in preparing healthy meals through our fun filled New Age Cooking classes where easy delicious healthy meals Low in Fat, Low in Cholesterol and Heart-healthy are prepared without the use of Oils, Fats, Greases, Salts, Sugar, Water without Boiling, Steaming or using Microwaves. This includes baking, and we don’t even add yeast. This can be dishes of your choice or trying a new dish. We have hundreds of FREE menus you can try from, from all corners of the earth or we can cook for you our famous 3 course meal. Don’t worry about buying a new kitchen or pots and pans. We will bring our equipment. All we need is a stove to cook on and cutlery.

(2hrs 30mins)
 £540.00 £480

Max 8 people

(1hr 30mins)
£199.99 £60 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£199.99 £60 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£199.99 £75 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£180 £55 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£150 £50 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£199.99  £55 pp

(1hr 30mins)
 £170 £60 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£170 £60 pp

(1hr 30mins)
£180.90  £50 pp

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Join our cooking class for a fresh take on healthy cuisine!

Learn to cook without fats or greases, avoiding boiling, and explore safe spice usage. Discover the benefits of organic ingredients. Get ready to whip up delicious, nutritious meals that nourish your body and tantalise your taste buds!