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About Us

Simba’s Foods is the foundation to better health.

We provide Healthy Cooking Classes and Sessions which highlights the many issues on Food and Nutrition rarely known by many people. Easy delicious healthy meals Low in Fat, Low in Cholesterol and Heart-healthy are prepared without the use of Oils, Fats, Greases, Salts, Sugar, Water, without Boiling, Steaming without Microwaves.

Our concept brings a sea change to both healthcare and the cooking industry because we focus on a more proactive rather than a reactive approach. People need to get the maximum nutrition from the food they eat and improve their natural immunity to illness and diseases. Relying on pill potions and unnecessary visits to GPs and A&E is not, and never will be the answer, this is what we are changing.

By significantly improving nutrition and, thereby reducing the impact of unhealthy eating habits, obesity and other diet-related health issues can be met head on. Our unique approach provides a sustainable and lifelong way of improving and maintaining good health, helping people to look and feel their best.

We cater for vegans, vegetarians, meat-lovers as well as Halal.

Sessions and Classes can be done via a Live Virtual meeting or at the comfort of your home by booking a HOME VISIT.  Book your Session or Class and make today the day you changed your life.

Why buy from us

Investing in Titanium 316 Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware & Bakeware is more than just a good decision, but a culinary game-changer in the quality of food, clean, pollution free, and a  better healthy lifestyle for the entire household. We don’t just teach healthy cooking; we’re creating a tradition. Our products are heirlooms not only because they last forever, but also because this more authentic way to cook gets passed on from generation to generation. Our passion is to provide a lifetime of quality cooking experience! It’s cheaper for customers in Africa, UK and Europe, Asia & Middle East to buy from us than from the USA due to taxes, duties, or customs fees associated with international shipments, since we have the products here in UK. These may vary depending on the destination country’s regulations.

Health-conscious Cooking

The use of Titanium 316 Surgical-grade Stainless Steel means your food comes into contact with a material known for its inert and non-reactive properties unlike conventional cookware which gives you illness. This ensures that no harmful chemicals leach into your food, offering you peace of mind about the safety of your meals. This cookware stands the test of time, it's resistant to corrosion, scratches, and dents, ensuring it remains in pristine condition even after years of rigorous use.

Investment for a Lifetime

With a lifetime warranty, you're not just purchasing cookware; you're making a one off health investment for life and in the future of your kitchen. Rest assured that your Titanium 316 cookware will be there to elevate your cooking experience for years to come.

Versatile Performance

Whether you're sautéing, simmering, baking, or roasting, this cookware delivers exceptional results every time. Its superior heat distribution ensures even cooking, while its versatility allows for a wide range of culinary techniques to be explored without the use of OILS, FATS, GREASES, SALTS, SUGAR, BOILING, STEAMING and MICROWAVES.

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Simba’s Foods is first line medicine, a source of life, the foundation to better health.


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