Exploring the Fundamental Role of Healthy Eating

Whenever you eat or drink anything, you either feeding a disease or you’re fighting it. Did you know that your life support system is plugged on the earth? If where your life support system is plugged on is polluted with chemicals, pesticides etc, it’ll have a negative impact to your health. Learn how to source, prepare, cook & where to cook your food, eliminating & tackling the root causes to diseases through our sessions and classes.

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We provide a unique and intriguing preventative approach to illness, rarely known by many people through our educational programs which highlights the many issues which are essential to know when it comes to food, nutrition, and our health.

You as an individual can do more for your health more than any doctor can do for you and all our solutions are scientifically proven and we work in partnership with companies with good reputation since 1906.

Is it not surprising that we have lifestyle threatening diseases on the increase by the day in the presents of health programs which only serve a lip service with no results?

Those with health issues were not just unlucky, it depended on how quick they were feeding those diseases since most of these diseases often develop undiagnosed until they have progressed. At this stage one would now seek for expensive medication, expensive hospital admission or expensive surgeries on things which could’ve been avoided by attending our sessions or classes where we will show you practical demonstrations on how to prevent yourself and your loved ones from falling in the same trap of habits you inherit, which leads to common diseases found in families or households.

To get the results you need, you need to change from a reactive to a proactive approach and focus on tackling and eliminating the root cause. By so doing, we stop conditions from progressing and eventually reversing some of them.

We provide solution-based health programs. Join our sessions or classes and make today the day you changed your life.

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First Change Your Cookware

Discover The Impact of your Cookware in your Food

Heat Conductivity

Flavour Transfer

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New Age Cooking Philosophy

Why Choose Us

Embrace the New Age Cooking Philosophy for a Healthier You and a Better Tomorrow

At Simba’s Foods, we believe that cooking is an act of self-care and love for those we cherish. Join us in this culinary revolution, and together, we’ll create a healthier, more vibrant world – one delicious meal at a time.

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Choose us, choose wellness, and choose a brighter, healthier future. As you embrace our new age cooking philosophy, you’ll not only transform your health but also empower yourself to make informed food choices for life. Become a beacon of inspiration for friends and family, leading the way to a healthier and happier future. Your culinary adventure begins here.

Feel the difference

Simba's Skin Care

Shea Butter

Our body butter is designed to deeply moisturize, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it irresistibly soft and supple. Shea butter, packed with vitamins and antioxidants, helps to soothe and heal. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it effective at calming eczema-prone skin.

Body Butter

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our luxurious selection of body butter. We’ve carefully crafted a nourishing blend that includes organic, unrefined shea butter and pure raw unrefined cocoa butter, both renowned for their exceptional benefits for the skin

Cocoa Butter

Our cocoa butter provides deep moisturization and antioxidant protection for normal skin, promoting smoothness and reducing the signs of aging. Its soothing properties can also alleviate minor skin irritations. For eczema-prone skin, cocoa butter acts as a protective barrier, retaining moisture and relieving itching and inflammation. Its gentle, natural nature makes it a suitable choice for those avoiding harsh chemicals.

Carrier Oils

Our oils are a versatile natural oil known for their benefits in skincare and haircare. They serve as an excellent moisturizer, soothes the skin, and provides essential nutrients, making them suitable for various skin types. Our oils can help control acne, reduce the signs of aging, and fade scars and stretch marks

Face Oils

Our oils have their own set of skin-nourishing properties. They contain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that can hydrate, moisturize, and nourish your skin. Can be use in massage therapy.

Essential Oils

Our essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic compounds extracted from various parts of plants, including flowers, leaves, stems, bark, and roots. They are known for their distinct and powerful fragrances, as well as their numerous therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

Taste the difference

Simba's Spices & Herbs

Alkaline Powder

Eating herbs isn't just about health; it's about savouring the richness of life itself. Join us in this holistic, herbal adventure and unlock the potential of a strong, vibrant immune system - one delectable herb at a time.

Strong Immune System

Discover the secret to a strong immune system as we explore the extraordinary impact of incorporating Simba’s herbs and spices into your diet.

At Simba’s Foods, we invite you to embrace the power of herbs and fortify your immune system naturally. Whether you’re a seasoned herbal enthusiast or a newcomer to this flavourful journey, our classes, resources, and community support will guide you every step of the way.

Choose nature, choose flavour, choose health. Your path to herbal immunity starts here.

The Spice of Life

Our classes are more than just informative - they're experiential. Roll up your sleeves and become a spice whisperer as you practice the art of balancing flavours, creating spice blends, and mastering the perfect pinch.


In the world of culinary arts, spices are the dazzling jewels that adorn dishes with exquisite taste, aroma, and complexity. These miniature wonders from nature not only elevate the flavour profile of food but also tell stories of rich cultural histories and far-flung regions. Join us on a journey to explore the enchanting world of spices, where every sprinkle and pinch brings forth a culinary masterpiece.

Health & Healing

Beyond flavor, spices offer an abundance of health benefits. Discover their healing properties, from soothing ginger for digestion to fiery chili peppers for metabolism. Learn how spices contribute to a balanced and nourishing diet.


Herbs are not just ingredients; they are botanical poetry, infusing your culinary creations with vibrant life and health. Let us be your guide through this fragrant expedition, where every herb leaf becomes a brushstroke in your culinary masterpiece.

Choose herb, choose flavour, choose wellness. Your journey into the world of herbs starts here.

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Reviews From Our Customers

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Simba’s Foods is first line medicine, a source of life, the foundation to better health.


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