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90 Day Intramyocellular Cleansing 

In everything in life one needs to be provided with the set of skills to get started. This is a mentoring and workshop support programme designed to cleanse your system and refuel your body with the right fuel to a new you. We revitalise bringing life to life.

*Learn how to boost your mineral intake with 92 minerals.

* Learn how to prepare delicious meals which are low in fat, low in cholesterol and heart healthy


*No supplements 

* Learn how to prepare delicious healthy soups.

* We will conduct an exciting pollution test.

* Not eating anything with a head

* No dairy products or animal products 

* Get Free Menus

Fed Up With Dieting?

There's no need to count calories or limit portions in the Kickstart programme! You eat as much as you like and lose weight at the same time. We will buy all the ingredients needed for the session. 

You're what you eat.. You decide

You're what you eat.. You decide


Kickstart Programme

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Join our Healthy Team - Be rewarded and make a change in your community one meal at a time