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In these difficult times of Coronavirus disease, what you'll find is that all medical expects are talking about boosting your immune system. Obviously the best way to do this is through a natural way not through synthetic supplements.

This is where Simba's Foods come into play to educate communities on how to boost their immune system.

This is the time people should be drinking water with a pH above 8.22 and at Simba's Foods we will show you how you can boost your water to 12.4ph higher than any bottled water sold in stores.

We would be advising on how Simba's Foods regulates immune function with 92 plus vitamins in their system naturally and this is scientifically proven. We would send information on what to eat and what to abstain from especially foods which causes an overload of mucus in our bodies knowingly how this Coronavirus is affecting our lungs in a similar pattern to pneumonia according to Dr Roberto Cosentini (Head of Emergency Care). People need to get the maximum nutrition from the food they eat and improve their natural immunity to illness and disease.

We live in a society where malnourishment is a big issue and it is the nutrition from the foods we eat which boosts our immune system. The question is how do we empower people in communities to take charge of their health during this period? We will share videos on how to boost your immune system and staying away from deep fried, fatty, greasy foods during this period and show people how to cook for a cure. For those who smoke, this is the best time to quit because you need your lungs, not only for this period but for life.

There is a lot we can do at Simba's Foods to deal with food shortages and how to maximise with the little we have