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Our concept set to revolutionise the cooking industry and cope with the demands of the changing world. We have seen a great shift in technology, cars, phones, etc. yet there's no change in the cooking industry still preparing and cooking meals traditionally for centuries. 

People are more health-conscious, looking for healthier eatery places than just expensive branded places. We have seen the fall of many restaurants which failed to adopt to the changing world.

At Simba's Foods, we are the market leaders when it comes to food preparation and cooking techniques. We offer an intriguing, exciting, radical, healthy and proactive approach when it comes to food preparation and cooking methods. The intention is to educate, coach, mentor and provide continuous ongoing support, not just a one-off intervention.

We help restaurants, cookery places to be more profitable, by cutting food wastage, kitchen time, cooking fuel, and improve existing menus and most importantly the health of their customers thereby improving the health of the nation. Healthy delicious meals will be prepared without the use of Oils, Fats, Greases, Salts, Sugars, without Boiling, Steaming without using Microwaves.

Programme fee varies with the size and the needs of each restaurant or hotel.

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